Mark Sanchez raves about the Eagles, says he is 'just entering his prime'

From all accounts, new Eagles’ quarterback Mark Sanchez is really struggling to grasp Chip Kelly’s offense early on. Eliot Shorr-Parks of even suggested that fellow USC alum Matt Barkley looks to have a much better grip on the offense, and is making better throws early on, leading him to think that Barkley could end up being the backup.

Sanchez, who was asked a ton of New York Jets related questions when speaking to the media today, didn’t hesitate to discuss how much he enjoyed his time in the East Rutherford, but appears to be very focused on the present day situation.

“I’m an Eagle now. I love being here. This is the best place I could have landed.”

According to Darin Gannt of Pro Football Talk, Sanchez didn’t seem to be down after a rough practice, either. In fact, he seemed to be about as upbeat as possible.

The opportunity to work with Chip Kelly overshadowed the seat firmly behind starting quarterback Nick Foles, but Sanchez insisted he was “just entering the prime of my career” after coming off shoulder surgery.

Sanchez is still only 27, and out of a putridly run and constructed Jets’ offense, which makes all the people treating this quote as if it is blasphemy look kind of stupid in my mind.

Regardless of whether or not Sanchez works out in Philly as the backup, it’s hard not to respect his attitude. He’s coming off missing an entire season with a shoulder injury, and is perhaps the most mocked quarterback in the NFL (a majority of the mockery always seemed unfair to me), and has zero chance of starting week one. Still, Sanchez seems to be as determined as ever, and as I wrote yesterday, the harder him and Barkley battle, the more the competition level on the team is raised.

I’m excited for the Eagles to get to training camp, to see them put DeSean Jackson in the past, and see how this entire offense flows. Hopefully, Nick Foles plays all 16 games (and beyond) and we don’t see Sanchez take a snap this year. If Sanchez does have to step in for any reason, he seems more than content with the arsenal of weapons that surrounds him.

“I just kept thinking, ‘Eagles. This is the place to be.’ I really respected what they did last year . . . And I think they have a ton of talent, especially at the wideout position, tight end position. They’re just overflowing with guys that can play. So that’s exciting for a quarterback.”

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