These Eagles' ugly sweaters are too ugly to even be ugly sweaters

While they still wouldn’t have sh*t on the 1990’s NFL starter jackets, the idea of ugly NFL sweaters isn’t a bad idea. The problem is, you have to find a balance between ugly enough to wear on an ugly sweater day, and so ugly that your recipient donates it to the Salvation army instead of wearing it. When Forever Collectibles released their line of NFL ugly sweaters, they forgot to follow those guidelines.

Here are the two options of ugly sweaters for the Eagles’ fan on your holiday list, even though we are more than half a calendar year away from that list being relevant, and you will likely lose the sweater before then.

Option One

Section 215

Section 215

Option one is headed straight for the fireplace. Option two is at least the type of thing that you can re-gift to that friend that you really don’t like that much, but they have a common interest in being a sports fan, so you occasionally hang out. At least then you won’t feel so guilty about throwing away a $60 sweater.

Option two


Section 215

You can check out the rest of the team’s sweaters here, but unless you are looking for a present to get for Mike Ditka, I’m not sure they will be of much use to you.

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