Oct 9, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; NBA great Julius Erving laughs before the start of the Orlando Magic game against the New Orleans Pelicans at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

76ers Lottery Update: Julius Erving To Represent Team Tuesday Night

Representing the Philadelphia 76ers organization in what could be its most important night of the 21st century will be the franchise’s most important player of all-time.

Julius Erving will step onto the stage in New York City and wait as the first fourteen picks in the upcoming NBA Draft are assigned to the non-playoff contenders. The former NBA MVP, member of the professional basketball Hall of Fame, and the franchise’s fourth all-time leading scorer will be the last token of good luck the team will depend upon for a favorable finish on draft night. After finishing with the league’s second worst record, the 76ers can finish no lower than fifth with their first of potentially two lottery selections. According to Tankatahon.com, the Sixers also have a 19.9% chance of leapfrogging the Milwaukee Bucks for the 1st overall selection. For months now, speculation has been that the team has their sights set on Kansas freshman forward Andrew Wiggins as their top target. There is also making sure the New Orleans Pelicans do not end up with a pick in the top five, which would defer the pick acquired in the Jrue Holiday trade last year to next offseason.

CEO Scott O’Neill weighed in on the selection on the eve of Tuesday’s lottery.

“Dr. J is one of the most revered and legendary figures in the history of the Philadelphia 76ers and the National Basketball Association, so it is fitting that he represent us at the podium on this exciting night, As we build for the future, we are thrilled to have a key part of our past with us to bring the team good luck during tomorrow night’s NBA Draft Lottery.”

Here’s to hoping NBA Commissioner Adam Silver grew up a Doctor J. fan and puts in a good fix for the 76ers.


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