It gets better: Mitch Williams told his pitcher to throw at another 10 year-old

Earlier this week, I discussed a Deadspin report that former Phillie Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams was ejected from his 10 year-old son’s baseball game, for cursing, and had to be ‘physically separated’ from one of the umpires that he got into a verbal confrontation with. While we didn’t have any video of it, and still don’t, I said that Williams antics are what you can expect at the little league baseball level. It’s all about whose dad can act inappropriately the most, because they think there 10 year-old son is on the cusp of making the major-leagues.

As I said, the original video of Williams fighting with the umpire hasn’t surfaced yet, but today another video of Williams, perhaps much more damning did emerge in a new Deadspin article.

Parents and coaches tell Deadspin that “The Wild Thing” called one child “a pussy” while ordering one of his own 10-year-old players to hit the opposing pitcher with a beanball.

The saddest part here is that after the original Deadspin article suggested that Williams called the umpire a ‘motherfu**er’ in front of two teams full of young children, calling someone ‘a pu**y’  seems small. That said, what could possibly posses you to use that word in reference to a young child?

As for the beanball incident, Deadspin has a video (it isn’t embeddable, but you can watch here) of Williams talking to his catcher prior to the inning, who has a conference with his pitcher following speaking with Williams. The first pitch of the inning then happens to hit the opposing team’s pitcher. While Williams will always be able to suggest that a 10 year-old couldn’t aim well enough to hit someone on purpose, his other actions negate the potential excuse that he has high enough morals not to tell a 10 year-old to throw at another player.

I’m telling you, people are afraid of their kids playing football, for obvious reasons. I’m starting to wonder if they shouldn’t push their kids more towards playing basketball or soccer (two sports I have played in addition to baseball), where this culture doesn’t exist.

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