Mitch Williams is that parent that cares more about his kids' sports than the kids actually do

I’m about as serious of an athlete as you will ever find. Since I was four years-old I have played numerous sports, and play Soccer and run track at the Varsity level currently. Prior to beginning running track in my Sophomore year of high-school, I was a really serious baseball player. Unfortunately, I was always much better Soccer and Basketball player than I was at baseball, and my skills shined through in those sports. In baseball I was an average hitter, but I was a really solid outfielder. Still, I was good enough to start on most Junior Leigon and Connie Mack teams, until coaches realized that I didn’t have a $500 bat and my dad wasn’t the coach. Essentially, and I swear I’m not making excuses here, baseball becomes all about who you know, who you are friends with, and whose dad can make themselves look like the biggest asshole en route to sending their kids to play division three baseball. So I got sick of it, quit, and focused on other sports.

The reason that I bring that up, is that former Phillie Mitch Williams, who once told a ref f*** you, at a U-11 basketball game, acted like a traditional baseball day this past Sunday.

Per Deadspin tipsters, Williams hasn’t exactly cleaned up his act at his children’s sporting events, this time going off at an umpire, in a U-10 baseball game.

[Mitch Williams] just got kicked out his sons little league game for threatening an umpire at Ripken Stadium

He has been arguing balls and strikes and was upset about a play at the plate where his team was called out. In the top of the 5th while he was coaching first base he yelled to another parent that he would have the umpire fired. The Umpire confronted him and Mitch went off. He threatened the umpire called him a motherfucker in front of 10 year olds. They were faced to face inches from each other arguing. He had to be restrained by other coaches. The umpire rightfully kicked him out.

He refused to leave the field until speaking to he spoke to management. He left the field took off his jersey and watched the rest of the game from behind home plate without incident.

It was such a train wreck. He was arguing with calls and making comments to both of the umpires all game. He was coaching first base as the game was going on, and the second base umpire threw him out. He “said” he was making a comment to one of the parents in the stands, when the second base umpire tossed him. He was making comments the whole game about the bad calls, and the 2nd base ump just had enough.

He went nuts. He got into the umpires face like it was the major leagues. He claimed that the umpire who was about 65 years old threatened him and said to pick a time and a place to fight Mitch.

The game was delayed for about 10 minutes as they needed to call in an official from Ripken until he finally was removed. It was crazy. Never saw a player get ejected from a game and not leave. This is all going on while 10 year olds are playing baseball, or trying to play baseball.

Ironically, the audio at the beginning of the game is from Cal Ripken which talks about how parents should let the players play, the coaches coach, and the umpires umpire. (IE – parents, don’t act like idiots). Mitch was the idiot.

If you read the entire Deadspin article, Mitch used Twitter to suggest that the 65 year-old umpire was ‘out of control’, and something about how if they were in another state, the umpire would be in prison. Way to set an example for your children, Mitch. Regardless of how the umpire was acting, you can’t be calling people MF’s at a 10 year-old’s game. And if you do, while you are up in the umpire’s face, maybe you should just man up and apologize.

But apologizing isn’t what youth baseball is about. There is no loyalty, no real friends, it’s who doesn’t get stabbed in the back long enough to make it somewhere as a player. And usually the backstabbing doesn’t occur from the players themselves, but rather their egotistical parents, who treat Biddy league baseball like it’s the MLB. Apparently ‘Wild Thing’ is another insane baseball dad. I can only imagine what Ricky Bottalico would be like at a children’s baseball game.

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