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Speculation: Eagles could move Bryce Brown for a fourth round pick

Update May 10th 12:45 PM EST: The Eagles have traded Brown to the Buffalo Bills for a conditional fourth-round pick. This is a pretty solid move for both sides.


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Despite the fact that they kept both of their third-round picks and were able to land a first-round talent receiver in the second-round, many Eagles fans were disappointed that the Eagles moved their fourth-round pick to slide up and select Jordan Matthews.

I’m not writing this article in response to that population of the fanbase, but it does apply to them. With the Eagles moving their fourth-round pick, they went from seven picks in this year’s draft to six. Knowing how the Eagles front-office (and every smart front-office) covets having as many draft picks as possible, it’s very easy to see a scenario where the Eagles could move back into the fourth round.

Let me first say, with the selection of Marcus Smith, the dwindling trade value that Brandon Graham might have had, died. I can’t see any other scenario unfolding at this point than the Eagles ending up releasing Graham. He won’t be traded this weekend, because teams know that he is going to be available for free sometime this Summer.

As for who does have value? Bryce Brown. For this entire off-season we have heard speculation that Brown might be moved, with the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane saying that ‘Chris Polk is expected to be given a more prominent role’ and the overwhelming idea just being that the Eagles can’t get him to consistently run between the tackles and be the power back that would be the perfect change of pace to Shady McCoy.

Whatever the actual reason is, Brown can be had, and  a team moving a fourth-round pick for a player who has starting talent and at age 23 could still be coached into the elite powerback that he has the potential to be, is a realistic scenario.

I value Brown, if Chip Kelly utilized him better than he did in 2013, as more than what the Eagles would probably get with that fourth round pick. That said, if they plan to use Chris Polk, LeSean McCoy, and potentially even Darren Sproles more than him, then a fourth-round pick seems like a pretty good return for me.

I’d keep an eye out for this trade to take place tomorrow, just like I said to keep an idea out for the Eagles trading up in the second-round to draft Jordan Matthews.

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