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Eagles shock the world, select outside linebacker Marcus Smith with 26th pick

After trading the 22nd pick to the Cleveland Browns, who selected Johnny Manziel, the Eagles elected to pass on Marqise Lee and Jordan Matthews, and pull one of the biggest surprises of the first-round by selecting Louisville’s Marcus Smith.

For those of you who said, “Who the hell is that” or thought that Roger Goodell was mispronouncing Marqise, you weren’t in the minority.

While I knew of Smith, words can’t describe the shock that went through my mind when Roger Goodell called his name.

In college, he could get to the quarterback with his hand in the ground and playing at defensive-end, or lining up at outside-linebacker, which he will likely be doing under Billy Davis’ 3-4 system.

Smith did rack up 14.5 sacks last year, but the fact that he wasn’t exactly ranked as a very strong end or linebacker, leads you to think he isn’t going to be an immediate impact player.

This by far, is the most puzzling pick that the Eagles have made since Danny Watkins, which didn’t exactly work out too well. I just don’t understand why the Eagles didn’t trade back if they were intent on taking him, because I don’t get the sense he was on anyone else’s radar for the first day of the draft.

Stay tuned as more reactions pour in…..

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  • Dr Muon Funk


    • Tim Kelly

      I felt that way early on, but I’m willing to see what happens.

      • Dr Muon Funk

        I’ve come around. Love the 2nd rd

  • Dave McKay

    shitty fucking pick. I’m pissed.

    • Tim Kelly

      It’s early man. Confusing, but we’ll see how it turns out.

  • Thehost36

    Very disappointing. In chip we trust my ass. Im beginning to trust him less and less with every bad decision made. Im not saying the kid they drafted will never Amount to anything in the nfl but there were players who were nfl ready at positions we need still on the board. Thanks for sticking to ur guns and taking best available.

    • trinity

      I agree dude. First desean is gone, and now that bullshit pick last night. I don’t like what I’m seeing, and I’m trusting chip less and less.

      • Tim Kelly

        What about now after the Matthews pick?

    • Tim Kelly

      The Matthews selection has to change your opinion a bit, right?

      • Thehost36

        He could end up being a solid receiver but he needs work. We should have taken lee. Hes more nfl ready. We probably could have gotten smith in the second round possibly third. I would have been happier trading back again to get more picks and taking lee after the trade.

  • trinity

    If by “shocked the world”, you mean “disappointed the world”, then yes I will go with that. What the fuck were the eagles thinking with this?

    • Tim Kelly

      Well it was a shock. Anyways, they have a plan, and unlike the Phillies and Flyers, I trust the people in charge of this team. We’ll see.

  • John Down

    Tim, thanks for taking over the site! My pick for this “need” would have been Jeremiah Attaochu. I trust Chip so far, but I’m not a fan of having your main personnel guy (Howie) be a non-football player. I just don’t think that accountants make good pro football personnel guys. Do you? I think he’s out of his element. What gets me is that the Eagles under Reid thought that they were so flippin’ cute with all their trades up/trades down on draft day. Then their mouthpiece Spadaro would proclaim what a great, smart pick they just made. It’s all BS. Let’s so what they do with the remaining picks this year and go from there. SMH so far.