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The timing of LeSean McCoy and Kurt Coleman backing DeSean Jackson is questionable

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In what was an awful interview conducted by Sirius XM NFL Radio (mostly because of a misinformed national opinion on DeSean Jackson), now former Eagle Kurt Coleman, became the second former teammate of DeSean Jackson to deny a CBS Philly report that Jackson was insubordinate and disrespectful to Chip Kelly during the 2013 season.

The report alleged that Jackson was ‘blatantly insubordinate’, ‘not well liked by his teammates’ and ‘cussed out Chip Kelly several times in front of the team’. While I’m not sure who still refers to using bad language as ‘cussing’, the point of the article was well taken. And apparently the point was not agreed on by Coleman.

“I think Philadelphia is going to miss him big time,” Coleman said in the interview. “I find it troubling to hear some of the stories — and I don’t know who is really putting them out there. I thought DeSean was a good guy in the locker room. He was someone I could talk to and could relate to.

“Did he kind of do his own thing? Yeah. But we kind of all do our own thing in our own way. But when it came game time I would talk to him every game and I would ask him, ‘Is 10-mode on?’ And there was no question. He would give 100 percent. He would take those big hits for the team. And he was one of those guys that you wanted to play every Sunday because the explosiveness, the X-factor that he brought to a team is [unmatched].  I think Philadelphia is going to miss him.”

It would have been one thing if Coleman was the only player to back him, because he is a defensive player. It’s possible that Coleman didn’t get to see as much of the Jackson-Kelly relationship, because he wasn’t with them as much as an offensive player would be. But Coleman hasn’t been the only player to come out and deny the report, because just last Sunday, LeSean McCoy (who is obviously an offensive player), didn’t sound like he agreed with the details of the report either.

“It’s a surprise for sure. Anybody that tells you they’re happy about it, I don’t know how honest that would be. It is a surprise.”

More specifically, McCoy couldn’t recall the reported incident of Jackson ‘cussing out’ Kelly.

“I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen the two of them get into it.”

The thing that makes me think that at least part of the report is true, is that the original CBS Philly report was published on on April 4th. In today’s world of social media, why did it take until April 12th for McCoy to be the first Eagle to publicly deny the report? I guess the counter argument to that would be that no one has come out and confirmed the report, That said, if the report was completely false, McCoy or Coleman, both of whom are on Twitter, could have rushed onto there and tweeted in defense of Jackson. Or one of the many other Eagles on Twitter, or any other social network, could have back DeSean. None did.

I don’t know if there actually was an incident where number 10 cursed (that’s what we call it in 2014) out Chip Kelly in front of the team. But I think that as easy as it would be to say that CBS Philly, a media outlet that continues to employ Howard Eskin, put together a garbage report, I don’t get that sense. The fact that it took over a week for anyone to defend him shows me that either the report was valid, or parts of the report were, and DeSean didn’t have enough people in his corner in the locker room that were prepared to back him. I tend to think that the second part of that is closer to the truth, and DeSean had become enough of a locker-room annoyance, that no one wanted to jump out in his defense.

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