LeSean McCoy 'Eagles front-office cut DeSean Jackson for a reason'

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Speaking at an event for the game Call of Duty, LeSean McCoy was asked about DeSean Jackson‘s release, for the first-time since he became former teammates with the now Washington Redskin.

“I heard the rumors, but I was surprised for sure,” McCoy said. “I mean, he’s probably one of our biggest playmakers that we had. He can make plays at any given time. He can control the game. He’s probably the biggest deep threat in the NFL. To lose a guy like that is definitely tough. He’ll definitely be missed. Obviously every move is made for a reason.

That’s seems like the closest that we have heard to any Eagles backing DeSean since he was released. But he continued on, seeming to echo the sentiments of many Eagles, who appear to be thrilled with the direction that the team has headed over the past 12 months.

“The guys upstairs made the decision for a reason. When you do things like that, you have backup plans in your mind. You don’t let one of the top wide receivers go and then not have anything to back it up. I’m sure coach (Chip) Kelly and (general manager) Howie (Roseman), they’ll be able to take care of it.”

To the public, that reason still remains somewhat in question. Whether the reason has to do with gang ties, money, not getting along with numerous members of the coaching staff (Chip Kelly included), the team doesn’t need a blatant reason. A CBS Philly article on Friday, laid out that Jackson was becoming a locker-room cancer, and whether that was the singular reason he was released or not, the team is probably content that he is out of the locker-room.

But what a number of sources close to and around the team, including current and former players, as well as additional sources within the Eagles revealed was that Jackson was not very well liked by his teammates, was blatantly insubordinate, with temper tantrums cussing out Kelly several times in front of the team, pushed the NFL rookie coach the way “a child would test boundaries,” and was more concerned with his rap label than he was about winning football games

I think that it’s also fair to assume that inside the Novacare complex, the confidence level in Jeremy Maclin is much higher than it is by a majority of the public. Maclin is considered a hard-working guy, and given that he had more receptions and receiving yards over the course of 2011 and 2012 than Jackson, it’s fair to assume that he could have a career year in his first season in Kelly’s system in 2014, much like Jackson did this past year.

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