(Video) Pat Burrell goes all Pat Burrell and hits a homerun while his work pants

While it’s only been three seasons since Pat Burrell was playing in the MLB (prior to having to retire because of a nagging foot injury), it seems like forever since Burrell has put on the red pinstripes. Granted, it was only six years ago Burrell dawned a Phillies uniform (ya know, that time they won the World Series), but the only times we hear about Burrell now seem to be when legendary stories about Burrell handing barley legal girls masks at parties and then asking them if they are ready to f*** him turn up.

Burrell’s name also occasionally pops up when the San Francisco Giants are in town, because he is working as an advanced scout for the team, and apparently doing a pretty good job at it.

Prior to the Giants-Diamondbacks game on Wednesday night, Burrell stepped into the batters’ box, wearing khakis and a nice shirt, and this ensued.

I feel like I should make some joke about how Ruben Amaro had scouts watching Burrell, but the age jokes about the Phillies are so played out. And Burrell is only 37, so I’m afraid by suggesting it, the Phillies will get some crazy idea that he could help the team. Judging by that swing, I’m not sure I could blame them.

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