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Should Philadelphia Eagles fans root against DeSean Jackson?

DeSean Jackson is now a member of the Washington Redskins. Now that he’s an ex-Eagle, should Eagles fans root for him to succeed, or should we hope that he fails miserably with his new team?

The quick answer is that we should root against him. He’s a member of the Eagles’ divisional rival, and therefore, the enemy. If Jackson is successful, that likely means that the Redskins are successful. And it is typically not beneficial to the Eagles if one of their division rivals succeeds.

But is it really that easy? This is a player who we’ve cheered for over the past six seasons. We’ve witnessed plenty of amazing plays, including perhaps the most memorable play in recent Eagles history:

Jackson also didn’t necessarily want to leave, and was pretty consistent in his desire to remain with the Eagles. For all his talk about wanting a new contract, he always said that he wanted a new contract from the Eagles.

For some fans, the decision will be easy since they never truly embraced him. Some people wrote him off as soon as he spiked the ball short of the goal line back in 2008. Other fans turned on him when he admittedly stopped making full effort due to his unhappiness over his contract. And still others have likely been turned off by the rumors of gang affiliation.

Since he’ll be coming to Lincoln Financial Field at least once a season over the next few years, it will be interesting to see how he is received. I’m sure that many of the haters will be in the stands for that Redskins game, and they’ll likely be very vocal in expressing their opinions.

But I think that most of the fans will be a bit torn. Obviously, they won’t want him to succeed TOO much, because that would probably mean good things for the Redskins. But it doesn’t mean they can’t show some appreciation.

I suspect Jackson will get a welcome similar to what Donovan McNabb received for his homecoming in 2008: They cheered him when he first came out to the field, but booed as soon as he started making plays. That was their way of saying, “We appreciate everything you did for us, but you’re the enemy now, and we want you to lose.”

Personally, I want to see him do well. I think it would be great if he had a huge 2014 season…as long as he’s putting up mostly empty numbers for a 4-12 Redskins team. If he causes both Robert Griffin III and the Redskins to become rejuvenated, I retain the right to change my opinion.

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