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Breaking News: Eagles release DeSean Jackson

The DeSean Jackson saga took a very unexpected turn today. On the same day a story came out detailing Jackson’s involvement with Los Angeles gangs, he was released from the Eagles.

The team made no secret of its attempts to trade Jackson this offseason, but a few social media posts by Jackson earlier this week made it seem like he was staying put.

There have been rumors that Jackson is a negative locker room presence, and Chip Kelly is not necessarily a huge fan of him. Yet, many teams find a way to reconcile “troublemakers” who have as much talent as Jackson does. Jackson was clearly the Eagles’ best receiver in 2013. Even with the return of Jeremy Maclin, the team still appeared to need Jackson’s field stretching speed.

Obviously, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. It will be quite interesting to see what other details emerge.

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