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The Oakland Raiders seem really uninterested in Michael Vick

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Yesterday morning, I wrote about how it would be sad to see Michael Vick go the New York Jets, largely because former Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is now the Jets offensive coordinator. Admittedly, part of me is scared that Mornhinweg would somehow learn how to utilize Vick in New York, which he never truly did in Philadelphia. But, I do want to see Vick succeed wherever he goes, and unless Marty Mornhinweg manages Vick differently than he did with Geno Smith last year, I’m not sure he would have a great chance of doing that in New York.

In the end, if Vick wants to start, he will likely have to compete for a starting job in training camp. New York may ultimately end up being his only opportunity to do that, if the market continues to develop the way that it has.

With numerous potentially options having already filled their quarterback vacancies, it appears that the Oakland Raiders aren’t likely to be a serious suitor for Vick.

Two of the four veteran quarterbacks the Oakland Raiders plan to target in free agency are not yet free agents, although that is expected to change soon.

Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans tops the list, followed by the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez and current unrestricted free agents Josh Freeman and Michael Vick, in that order, according to a source.

So basically, a ton of unrealistic things would have to happen for Vick to land in Oakland.

First, Matt Schaub would have to not get cut. Given that he is due to make $10 million in 2014 (with a cap hit of $14.125 million), that seems impossible. Assuming Schaub is cut, teams like the Browns, Raiders and Jets, will all give Schaub a look. It seems very unlikely that he wouldn’t end up being a starter in one of those three destinations. If he wants a guarantee that he is going to be a starter, the  Raiders are a very realistic possibility, because the Jets still have Geno Smith and the Browns have Brian Hoyer, both of whom are likely to get a shot to compete for the starting job.

Secondly, Mark Sanchez would have to either get signed by the Browns or decide that he wants to go be a backup in a very good system, to get his career back on track. While it is a realistic possibility that the 27 year-old accepts that he may be best off going to a team like the Packers, rather than going to a disaster area in Oakland or Cleveland, any competitor is likely to take a chance to start over holding a clipboard.

The one thing that you can count on is that Sanchez, who has a $13.1 cap number next year, will be let go by the Jets, and is going to be on the market at some point. Given that he is 27 and Vick is soon to be 34, Sanchez is going to be rated higher by most teams, just because he COULD still be a long-term solution.

Third, someone besides the Raiders would have to show interest in Josh Freeman as a starter. Given that Freeman might have the worst work-ethic out of any quarterback in the last ten years (besides JaMarcus Russell), he would need to take any chance to start that he gets. Oakland seems likely to be that only chance, if neither Schaub or Sanchez ends up in Oakland.

If you get the picture I’m painting, the Raiders might have some interest in Michael Vick, but only if none of the other options end up coming to Oakland and they don’t think that they are better off drafting Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, or Blake Bortles. I’m not saying I agree with this, because I would rather have Vick on my team than Sanchez or Freeman for sure, but I’m also not working in the front-office for the Raiders.

New York (New Jersey) and a chance to compete for the starting job and mentor Geno Smith, is sounding better and better every day for Michael Vick.

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