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(Video) Philadelphia 76ers tribute video for Evan Turner return

Evan Turner was selected by the Sixers as the number two pick in the 2010 draft, which clearly didn’t end up being the type of draft where landing the number two pick would bring you a franchise-changing player. In three and a half seasons, in Philadelphia, Turner did turn out to be a solid wing player, but the fact that he never truly developed a great jump shot, frustrated the fanbase.

In the end, Turner was a solid piece for the Sixers for three and a half years, and I don’t think his work ethic will ever be questioned by anyone who has any sort of connections to the Sixers, but it became evident that Turner wasn’t going to be a long-term Sixer.

In a move completed seconds before last month’s trade deadline, the Sixers packaged Turner and Lavoy Allen, and sent them to Indiana Pacers, for Danny Granger. (Granger was later bought out.)

As Turner returns tonight, it isn’t the type of sentimental return that you get from someone who was a superstar for your franchise for a sustained period. But he also isn’t the type of player that deserved to be booed (even if his jumper, or lack there of, drove you insane). Turner, didn’t start tonight, but when he checks in he will likely hear a good amount of cheers.

Prior to the game tonight, the Sixers played this Evan Turner tribute video, which we have a copy of courtesy of Jake Fishcer of Liberty Ballers.  

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