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Philadelphia Eagles Sign Darren Sproles to a Two-Year Extension

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded a fifth-round draft pick in exchange for Saints’ running back Darren Sproles, most fans were thrilled. The Eagles’ early moves in the free agent period had been relatively low-key, but FINALLY the team brought in a player who was more than just a depth signing.

But once you got past the name recognition, there were a few reasons to be wary of the trade: At age 30, Sproles is relatively old for a running back, and he already showed some signs of decline last season. Despite his game-changing punt in the playoff game against the Eagles, Sproles wasn’t much better than the various returners the Eagles used in 2013.

He was also due to be a free agent after the 2014. While a fifth round pick doesn’t sound like a high price for a potential playmaker, this year’s draft is reportedly loaded. Would one year of Sproles be worth giving up the chance to draft a future contributor?

Perhaps more importantly, Sproles made no secret that he would have preferred to be released rather than traded. He wanted the freedom to choose his next team. What would have happened if he didn’t find Philadelphia to be a suitable destination?

While the age-related questions may still linger, the last two concerns have been alleviated. According to Adam Schefter, Sproles has signed a two-year extension that keeps him under contract through the 2016 season.

Apparently, Philadelphia was indeed an acceptable destination for him. Sproles is likely salivating at the chance to do some damage in Chip Kelly’s offense, and the fact that the Eagles look like legitimate contenders probably didn’t hurt matters.

Combined with starting running back LeSean McCoy, it appears that for at least the next three years, the Eagles will have one of the most dynamic, talented backfields in football.

Update: Jeff McLane has the early terms of Sproles’ extension, but the guaranteed amount of money in his deal is yet to be released.



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