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Jeff McLane Really Doesn't Think The Eagles Will Seriously Pursue Darrelle Revis

Throughout the past couple days, we have been given the sense that the Eagles had some interest in Darrelle Revis, but to what level has been unknown. Now that Revis has officially been released, it doesn’t appear that they have any more than slight interest in Revis. That’s at least if you take Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s word.

It would be very easy for Twitter trolls to take that insight out of context, but in this case, McLane backed up his original tweet.



At the very least, McLane brings up a good point. I still think that the fact that Revis is going to end up getting at least $14 million annually and $25 plus million guaranteed, is the biggest reason that Revis won’t come to Philly.But, the fact that the Eagles run mostly zone schemes, doesn’t suit Revis. Revis is a man-to-man specialist, who can eliminate a team’s best receiver by putting him on an “island,” if you will.

The Eagles aren’t looking to build the type of secondary that the Rex Ryan led Jets had when they were going to AFC title games, but rather the type of secondary that just produced a Superbowl title for the Seattle Seahawks. I don’t mean that in the sense of having ridiculously sized players at every position, but having an entire secondary that shuts down a team’s aerial attack (and can tackle), so they can constantly give opponents different looks.

As McLane went on to say, anything is possible. I just don’t get the sense the Eagles are seriously going to commit $13 or $14 million a year (at least) to any one player, in this era. I think the Chip Kelly/Howie Roseman era is about having an above-average caliber starter at every position, while still having depth, rather than the Andy Reid/Joe Banner era, which relied heavily on five or six players to be great every game.

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