Peter King Lists San Francisco 49ers As 'Dark Horse' For Michael Vick

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This morning, in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column, SI’s Peter King laid out the free-agent landscape, as unrestricted free-agents can sign with any team they choose beginning tomorrow at four o’clock eastern.

One the free-agents that King addressed, was Michael Vick, who he believes (like me) should be drawing more interest.

6. Michael Vick should be in more demand than he is. I keep saying this, and few believe me: Vick’s a very good locker room guy now, a leader, and he’d be a good team guy whether or not he wins the starting job. I think if Vick had been more accurate in his past two years in Philly (.581, .546), offensive coordinator Norv Turner could have been sold on him with the Vikings; I know Vick was very interested in Minnesota. The team that makes the most sense is the Jets, because they have no idea if Geno Smith is their quarterback of the future. Oakland makes sense because the Raiders have no idea what they have either.

That all sounds like about what I have been saying, except I don’t think New York (it’s actually New Jersey) is a good fit for Vick. Not only do the Jets have virtually no above-average skill players on their offense, but they have former Eagles offensive-coordinator Marty Mornhinweg leading their offense. You can tell nationally that not many reporters actually watched the Eagles in 2011 and 2012, because they continue to say the Jets are the ideal fit for Vick, because him and Mornhinweg worked so well together. Mornhinweg and Andy Reid laid out offensive game-plans that treated Vick as a pocket quarterback, rather than the offensive weapon he is. Plus, if Vick fails in Oakland, so be it. If Vick fails in the eye of the New York media, it’s going to be ugly.

King did also lay out a scenario where Vick ends up being a backup, but not in Philly.

 I’ll give you a dark horse here: San Francisco. Let’s say Vick gets only lukewarm interest to start, or to compete for a starting job. If so, and if the Niners want more than a third-string insurance policy for Colin Kaepernick, Vick might be willing to go to try to win a Super Bowl ring. He turns 34 in June.

This scenario actually makes a ton of sense. The 49ers bring in a backup, who could run a similar offense to Colin Kaepernick, and has become a good locker room guy, in a locker room that reportedly has become rather fragile.

From Vick’s perspective, it is very easy to see how he ends up being a backup in 2014. With the potential options of Minnesota and Jacksonville already having dried up, Vick only appears to have the Jets, Raiders and maybe the Browns, as places where he could potentially compete for the starting job for in training camp. Considering that Matt Schaub and Mark Sanchez could still hit the market as well, Vick might not even get the opportunity to compete in training camp.

In that scenario, Vick could go to a place with a young quarterback who has injury questions, like the Bills, but there is no guarantee that he finds an option like that, where there is mutual interest.

So it’s possible Vick gives in, and accepts a one-year deal to be a backup in 2014. The only reason why I think Vick would view that as a complete last resort, is that he is soon to be 34, and if he doesn’t start in 2014, it’s unlikely that we ever see him get another starting job again.


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