Between Evan Turner And Jodie Meeks, It Was A Great Night For Former Sixers Last Night

The Indiana Pacers are considered by many to be the favorites to win the Eastern Conference, and stop the Miami Heat from getting a shot at winning three straight NBA titles. Adding Evan Turner at the deadline, was considered by many, to be the move that would put the team over the top.

Last night not only did the Pacers get routed by the Houston Rockets 112-86, but Evan Turner also received a technical, for this run-in with James Harden.

I understand both sides here, because there are a lot of players (Kevin Garnett comes to mind) that never let the opposing team score for free even once the whistle is blown, and Harden was doing that. At the same time, it was a 23 point game in the third-quarter, and I can understand why Evan Turner didn’t think that Harden needed to body him up to avoid a basket that wouldn’t have counted going in.

Even with that loss, Evan Turner wasn’t the former Sixers who had the worst night. Just ask Jodie Meeks.

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