NBA Commissioner Adam Silver 'Iverson Left Everything On The Court'

As part of the night dedicated to the retirement of Allen Iverson’s number three (and apparently Trevor Ariza dropping 40 points), new NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke briefly about Allen Iverson’s contribution to the league, city of Philadelphia, and even the hip-hop community.

“Allen was a special talent and a unique personality,” Silver said to a sell-out crowd. “The great things he did for the league far outweighed the occasional headache.

“He was representative of his generation,” Silver said. “Whatever the popular music of that generation, whatever the fashion was, that was the case with Allen. He was at the forefront of hip hop. His personal style was a change, but it was reflecting what was happening in society.

It was reflective of “what was happening in society” at least until David Stern didn’t allow players to dress like society, right? But I digress.

Perhaps the ultimate compliment that Silver had about Iverson’s hall of fame career, was when he talked about how much passion Iverson played with.

“I think people came to understand that he shouldn’t be judged by his tattoos, hair style or anything else. Fans had enormous respect for him because they knew he left everything on the court. Ultimately, he was judged by his passion for the game.”

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