(Photo) This Guy At The Sixers Game That Had Courtside Seats Actually Fell Asleep Last Night

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You know what the saddest part about this picture is? Besides the fact that this guy couldn’t even buy a Sixers shirt to sit courtside, last night’s game actually meant something for the Sixers.

Sure the game didn’t mean anything in the traditional sense of trying to compete to get to the playoffs, but last night’s Sixers-Bucks game may end up playing a small role in the ultimate success of Sam Hinkie’s analytics plan.

The Bucks entered last night’s game with just 10 wins and the worst record in the NBA, five more than the Sixers, who own the league’s second worst record. A 130-110 loss, the 11th straight addition to the loss column for Brett Brown and company, moved the Sixers one game closer to the league’s worst record.

Obviously the worst record doesn’t clinch the number one pick in the NBA (that would make too much sense), but every loss is a win at this point. If the Sixers can finish with the league’s worst record, which seems like a very distinct possibility at this point, then they raise the odds that they can win the lottery and have their choice of Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, or Julius Randle with the number one overall pick. And even if the record doesn’t land them the number one pick, it all but assures them a top three pick, which will likely land them a franchise changing player in this year’s loaded draft.

Unfortunately for our friend, regardless of how the Sixers’ future turns out, his Sixers fandom will be tainted forever. At least I would think that’s what happens to you once you go viral for sleeping at a Sixers game.


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