(Audio) Mike Missanelli's Apology Lasted About 7 Minutes Too Long

This afternoon, Mike Missanelli returned to the airwaves on 97.5 the Fanatic, to host his normal 2-6 drive-home show. He began his show by responding to the four day suspension that he received last week, for a chain of homophobic e-mails, that he sent to an extreme critic of his show.

Missanelli started off the apology by apologizing for putting himself and 97.5 the Fanatic in this position, and that he accepted his suspension. He also reminded all listeners that he had been a supporter of Jason Collins, and gay athletes in the locker room in the past, which I can attest to, having been a regular listener to his show for the past few years.

After that, I think his apology lost a lot of its validity. Even addressing the guy who got him suspended, was unnecessary. I  also think alluding to Deadspin, one of the top five most visited sports websites, as a blog site, really made Missanelli sound bitter.

In the end, I don’t think Missanelli is homophobic, but what he did was embarrassing to himself, the station, and the Philadelphia sports scene (in terms of national perspective) in general. If you hold this against “Mikey Miss”, then I’m not sure that I can blame you. No matter what was said to him, using gay terms in a demeaning way is by no means acceptable in 2014.

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