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The Sixers Are Actually Calling Fans To Invite Them To Come To Games Now

In a really cool, and at the same time extremely desperate, move, I answered a phone call from the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this afternoon. Believe me this isn’t because I write for Section 215 and we are Fansided’s Philadelphia affiliate, because the Sixers scoffed at the idea of giving us a press pass earlier this year–they are actually calling “everyone.”

I attend numerous games every year, but I have never once been a season ticket holder. When I asked the lady who called me, who was very courteous but probably not the biggest basketball fan, she said that they are calling everyone who is subscribed to their online news letter (me), has been a season ticket holder in the last five seasons, or has attended more than two games over the last five years (also me).

She asked me why I go to Sixers games, unaware that I was the editor of a sports blog named after the top section of the Wells Fargo Center, and I explained to her that being a diehard Philadelphia sports fan my entire life and having an interest in sports media, has led me to being a Sixers fan, and also writing here.

Prior to explaining how the Sixers are offering special ticket rates for both groups and individuals, she asked me about why I am such a fan of the team and how I like the direction that they are headed. I simply told her that I have a passion for the 76ers, as I do for all Philadelphia professional sports teams, and for the first time since the early 2000’s, I actually like the direction that the team is heading in.

I didn’t explain that I love Sam Hinkie, and am excited to see the Sixers’ analytics plan continue to take form and build a core around Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel, but I would have had she been a sports fan that was really interested in hearing my thoughts on the team.

The idea of the “Together We Build” motto that the Sixers are pushing not just on the court, but with the fans. Joshua Harris might also own the New Jersey Devils, but he is smart enough to understand that he is still trying to clean up the mess that the two Ed’s-Snider and Stefanski–left for him. They not only left a mess with the team on the court, but they depleted the fanbase.

Call this move desperate, but I think showing the fanbase that the team genuinely has an interest in each individual that supports the team, is exciting in a town that has featured Joe Banner and still features Ruben Amaro, who couldn’t care less about the fans’ opinions.

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