EXCLUSIVE: New Phillie Barry Enright Talks Contract, Phils' Chances In 2014, & More!

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Yesterday evening, swingman Barry Enright tweeted that he had signed a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies and “was looking forward to a great opportunity.”

A Pepperdine alum, Enright has spent parts of four big-league seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Angels, and has a 5.57  ERA in 31 career games.

Enright did produce a 3.91 ERA in 17 starts in 2010, so he could be a valuable addition, should Roberto Hernandez or Jonathan Pettibone falter in Spring Training.

While he has had limited relief experience at the big-league level with the Los Angeles Angels over the course of the past two seasons, Enright could very well compete with the recently signed Chad Gaudin, or Ethan Martin, for the long reliever position out of the bullpen.

Still, in all likelyhood, Enright will begin the season with the Triple-A Lehigh Valley Ironpigs, rather than at the MLB level. I asked him how willing he was to do that, why he came to Philadelphia,  and what his exact contract details are, among other things, in this exclusive interview.

Editor’s Note: TK stands for Tim Kelly and BE stands for Barry Enright. 

TK: Welcome to Philadelphia Barry, and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us on Section 215!

BE: Happy to take time out at any time. Excited to be apart of a great Phillies organization.

TK: You broke the news of your signing on Twitter last night, but can you tell us any of the terms of the deal? Is it a minor league deal, and how much is it worth?

BE: Yes, it is a minor league deal. It’s not worth much to either side if I don’t do my job, which is to help the Phillies this year. I’m confident with changes I’ve made that I will do so.

TK: That taken into account, do you view yourself of someone with a good chance to make the MLB opening day roster?

BE: Making this roster out of spring will be tough, but I have always been a person that likes competition and any chance to compete. My job as a player is to put myself in the best position possible to be able to get that call whenever it might come.

TK: What made Philadelphia such an attractive place to sign?

BE: The Philadelphia Phillies franchise has a lot of history and has been a franchise dedicated to winning. I am looking forward to having the chance to be a part of that.

TK: Do you view the Phillies as a team that can still compete for the World Series in 2014, despite two down seasons and an aging core?

BE: Anyone can win the World Series, that is why baseball is such an amazing sport. The front office and staff have built a championship team here and as I’m sure anyone throughout organization will tell you, you always expect to be the last team standing.

TK: Thanks for giving us some time Barry, and best of the luck in 2014!

BE: Appreciate talking with you and hope to see you out at the ballpark at some point. Looking forward to a great year.

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