Philly Phlashback: Harry Kalas Calls Bobby Abreu Walkoff Inside The Park Homerun

The early-2000’s were not a bright time on the Phillies front. But, with a new stadium was on the horizon, and Jimmy Rollins, Pat Burrell, and Bretty Myers showing star potential, things appeared to be looking up for the Phils’.

As we know now, the Phillies moved into Citizens Bank Park to begin the 2004 season, and didn’t get serious about changing the teams’ culture until they brought in Jim Thome prior to the 2003 season, so 2000 was still a ways away from the Phillies turning anything in the right direction.

Yet, with Harry Kalas calling games, he always made big moments exciting–regardless of whether the Phillies were really in the playoff race.

This May 29, 2000 clip of Kalas calling a Bobby Abreu walkoff inside the park homerun, would make you think that the Phillies were in the midst of a playoff race. In reality, the Phillies were coming off of a 77-win season in 1999, that led some to believe that the arrow was pointing up for the franchise, when instead, the Phillies were backtracking to what ended up being a 65-win season.

Yesterday’s Abreu re-signing, brought back memories of this exact play. And similar to 2000, the Phillies are on a freefall from their last World Series appearance (2009), just like they still were in 2000, seven years after their miraculous World Series appearance of 1993.

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