Here Is The Hipster Version Of The Philadelphia Eagles' Logo

I usually hate meaningless things that take away from the actual attention to the on-field product that sports provide us with, but Kissing Suzy Kolber always create ridiculously funny, and sometimes out-there, graphics, that I can’t avoid showing.

Back in October, Kissing Suzy Kolber redesigned each NFL logo, including the Eagles’ logo, to show what they would look like if they were fat. They outdid that logo today, with the release of their hipster team logos.

Section 215-A Philadelphia City Sports Blog


Under the picture, a short blurb about the logo reads, “Why would I throw batteries at people? I’d rather hit them with free range goat’s milk.” Obviously a subtle shot at Philadelphia’s fans had to be thrown in.

I’m not sure that Kissing Suzy Kolber will ever top their NFL logo’s redesigned with “the Manningface” on them, but this was a pretty cool piece.

Take a look at all 31 other NFL teams redesigned as hipsters here.


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