Eagles' QB's Coach Bill Lazor Interviewing For Miami Dolphins' Offensive Coordinator Position

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NFL circles aren’t just attributing Nick Foles’ breakout season to Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense, that seemed to put him in a position to be successful. Quarterbacks’ coach Bill Lazor was a big  part in the seamless transition from Michael Vick to Nick Foles, that saw the Eagles’ quarterback improve his play drastically from a season ago.

A great season from the Eagles’ quarterbacks (except the first Cowboys game and the second Giants one), has the Dolphins interested in Lazor as an offensive coordinator.


Lazor just finished up his only season with the “Birds”, but in a time when the trend around the league seems to be to look for the best offensive minds, Lazor will be a hot name. Chip Kelly pried him away from the University of Virginia when he came to Philadelphia, therefore he must think highly of Lazor. And if Kelly, who is considered one of the best offensive minds in the game, thinks highly of Lazor, than he must be doing something right.

This news comes a day after reports that the Dolphins were targeting Eagles’ Vice President of player personnel Tom Gamble, as their next general-manager. So apparently, the Dolphins think highly of the organization turnaround that has occurred in Philadelphia in the last 13 or so months.



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