(Video) Fake Philadelphia Eagles' Fan Spits On New Orleans Saints' Fan After Saints Win

I’m so sick of fraud fans like this making the entire city of Philadelphia, our passionate sports fans specifically, look bad. You see someone holding up their phone and recording, you know the reputation that Philadelphia has gained nationally, and you do this.

The Saints fan, Nick Scelfo, claims that after being spit on he fought the spitter, before police broke it up. He also says after showing the video, the police let him leave.

That part of the story seems fabricated to me, but we get the point. Another idiot did something on camera, and because of the reputation we have, it is now on Deadspin. We’d be kidding ourselves if we said thought things like this didn’t happen in New York, or New England, or other NFL stadiums with passionate fans, but those people are smart enough not to do it on camera.

One person shouldn’t represent the over 60,000 people that walked through the gates at the Linc last night,or Eagles fans in general, but as long as these stories continue to make national headlines, they will.

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