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So Marcus Vick Doesn't Think Michael Vick Should Return to Backup Nick Foles in 2014

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When the Eagles were defeated by the Saints last night, on a game-winning field goal by Shayne Graham, not only did their season come to a conclusion, but in all likely-hood, Michael Vick’s five-year run in Philly did as well.

I’m not an NFL general manager of a team that could be in the market for a quarterback, but my guess is that some team will give Michael Vick a chance to start in the NFL next season. We know that he has his flaws, mainly just staying in the field, but the fact that he has an electric arm and still way-above average running for a quarterback, has to be attractive to some team. The fact that he showed tremendous leadership in backing Riley Cooper through his off-season incident, and sticking by Nick Foles when he jumped over Vick on the depth-chart, has to be attractive as well.

I think the idea that he comes back to the Eagles is laughable. He isn’t going to do it first of all. I think it’s more likely that Vick doesn’t play in the league next season than coming back or going anywhere else to be a backup. The Eagles have two reasons not to bring back Vick as a backup, even if he was willing to. The biggest is the fact that they didn’t take a risk on a guy like Matt Barkley to have him be a third-string quarterback. With the emergence of Nick Foles, it appears that he isn’t going to be the Eagles franchise quarterback, but at the very least, they can try to make him a serviceable backup. The second is that the Eagles don’t need people calling for them to go back to Vick if Foles starts out slow in 2014. This is Foles’ team, and they need to send that message.

Still, Vick didn’t completely rule out returning as a backup last week, which leads to people wondering how realistic of an option it is.

Apparentely Marcus Vick (his must-watch brother) doesn’t like the idea of Vick returning to Philly as a backup.

I can’t say that with the ability Vick still has, that it wouldn’t be wasting his talent, in a sense, for him to be a backup for next season and beyond.  For once, Marcus Vick might actually have a point.


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