Philadelphia Police Dressing Up As Saints Fans To Avoid Violence, Will Have Little Success

In an effort to avoid violence between fans at Saturday’s Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints, the Philadelphia police have come up with a creative idea, and they have no problem spreading the word.


This may be in the back of the head of anyone trying to start a fight at the game, but there are a few flaws with this idea.

First, if you catch the wrong fan trying to fight a cop or someone else, you aren’t going to get him to stop fighting because you say you are an undercover cop. I guess technically you could try to shoot the person causing a fight (I think that is allowed considering those circumstances), but you could have done that without dressing up as a Saints fan.

Secondly, most of the fights end up happening outside the stadium The Lions fan beaten unconscious by fraud Eagles fans earlier this season, was beaten outside of the stadium. So unless the cops are going to follow all fans out of the stadium and to their cars, and on subway rides, violence is still going to take place.

The Lions game also shows that even if the Eagles win, drunken idiots are still going to be drunken idiots. I hope that no one embarrasses the city of Philadelphia (or New Orleans) after the game, but win or loss, it’s a very real possibility–regardless of how the cops are dressed.

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