Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints Playoff Tickets Are By FAR The Most Expensive This Weekend

Due to cold weather, or perhaps weak fanbases, three out of the four NFL playoff games this week, were close to being blacked-out locally, before banks and local investors, bailed them out by buying the remaining tickets. The one game that wasn’t even close to being blacked-out was the Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints game. When you talk about weak fanbases, Philadelphia and New Orleans never come to mind, as they are two of the most passionate fanbases in the league.

The median price of the Eagles-Saints is $347, per Vivid Seats, the most frequently used secondary ticket market place.

Theses graphs, courtesy of our friends at Vivid, put into perspective, where Eagles playoff tickets sales rank, compared to the rest of the teams in the playoffs, with a chance to host a playoff game. 

NFL Playoff Ticket Prices

  • Most expensive wild card matchup this weekend is New Orleans at Philadelphia ($347)
  • New Orleans at Philadelphia has a higher median ticket price than both divisional matchups at Carolina ($329) and New England ($278)

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The divisional matchups are a different story, because regardless of whether the Eagles or Saints win, they can’t host a game next round. Should the Eagles win, they will head to Carolina. If the Saints win, they will head to Seattle. Neither of those fanbases will have any issue selling out.

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If the Eagles are able to win against the Saints, then go into Carolina and beat the Panthers, they have an outside chance at hosting the NFC title game. It would take the winner of the Packers/49ers game, winning in Seattle, against the Seahawks in the divisional round. That is a lot to ask, and again would take the Eagles beating an elite defense in Carolina. Here are the current ticket prices, for every possible scenario for NFC and AFC title games.

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Expect that number to rise rapidly, if the low odds of the Eagles hosting the NFC Title game turn into a reality. The fact that tomorrow’s game sold-out with no issues, despite kickoff temperatures expected to be well below freezing, and the Colts, who play in a dome, needing to be bailed out to avoid a blackout, speaks volumes about how passionate Eagles fans are.

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