80's Phillies Party Pics: Roy Halladay Dressed As Jamie Moyer and Howard and J-Roll Are Run-DMC

For whatever reason, some current/former Philadelphia Phillies held a 1980’s theme party last night. The costume selections were actually pretty funny.

Roy Halladay dressed as his former Phillies teammate, Jamie Moyer. Even though Moyer was Halladay’s teammate as late as 2010 and pitched in the MLB just two seasons ago, his MLB career began in 1986, when he was a member of the Chicago Cubs. So Hallday’s costume was really awesome.

Jamie Moyer, who was also in attendance at the party, used Twitter, to thank both Halladay and his wife Brandi, for the awesome tribute. (Pictured is Halladay, with Moyer’s wife Karen.)


While that costume may have topped the night, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard dressing as two-thirds of Run-D.M.C. was also funny.


I’m not sure if saying, “I feel protected down under” is a sexual reference or 80’s slang that I’m too young to understand. Or it could also be Karen Moyer saying that she is shorter than both Rollins and Howard and feels protected standing next to them, except she is almost as tall as Rollins.

Regardless, Karen Moyer tweeted out one other blurry picture last night. I think the guy on the right (trying to look like Slash?), might just be Jamie.

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 Maybe if we are lucky, the Phillies will host a late-2000’s day at Citizens Bank Park this year. The day would commemorate when players like Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins produced at a level worth the salaries that they are currently getting.

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