Marcus Vick Arrested For Driving While High On Marijuana

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Even after Michael Vick is on a new team next season, I won’t stop following Marcus Vick’s life. He’s like Skip Bayless. If you take him seriously, then you get butthurt. If you take him for what he is (a joke), then just sitting back and observing him try to analyze the NFL on Twitter every weekend, or stay out of trouble with the law, is pretty fun.

Today, we can all sit back and wonder when Marcus Vick is going to grow up, like his older brother Michael did after a jail stint. Marcus was arrested early this morning for DWI according to TMZ Sports.

According to the Georgia police officers who arrested him, Marcus was originally pulled over because he had expired driving tags. Once the police began to talk to Marcus, they began to smell weed in his breath.

In his infinite wisdom, Marcus decided to tell the cops that he smoked pott before getting in the car, which led to him being booked at a local prison.

The TMZ report also indicates that not only did Marcus not carry his licence on him, but he wasn’t legally able to drive in Georgia. The article gave no indication on whether Marcus has a suspended license, or no license at all. Given the fact that he has been arressted numerous other times, I’m going to guess that Marcus was driving with a suspended license.

Don’t worry though, if Nick Foles has a bad game next Saturday, Marcus will be tweeting about how his brother would have led the Eagles to the Superbowl.

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