97.5 The Fanatic Has A Billboard That Says "Hey Jerry Start Booking Tee Times!"

97.5 the Fanatic has over ten digital billboards in the Philadelphia area, that constantly feature messages having to do with the Philadelphia sports scene. I’m not sure they’ll ever top this billboard, though.

The message is in reference to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who very well could be playing golf two weekends from now, should the Cowboys fall to the Eagles in this Sunday’s win-or-go-home showdown.

Is the city of Philadelphia being too cocky about this game? I guess I understand why people feel like that after the Eagles were lit up by the Vikings two weeks ago, in what was supposed to be an easy win for the Eagles. However, this scenario couldn’t be more different. That game wasn’t against a divisional rival, who the Eagles were playing in a win-or-go-home setting.

I know the idea of Tony Romo likely not playing gives some people confidence, but it was hard not have it going into this game to begin with. Even had Romo played, I’m not sure that the Cowboys defense could have kept them in the game, if Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy, and Nick Foles were firing on all cylinders. The Cowboys just aren’t playing as good of football as the Eagles, and if you take their offensive MVP in Tony Romo out of the game, it might not matter how well DeMarco Murray is running, because the Cowboys could get down early and be forced to throw their way out of a hole. Should that happen, I like the Eagle chances of holding Kyle Orton in check, and winning by ten plus.

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