(Poem) 'Twas The Week Before Dallas

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I’ve was once called the poetrybird of my generation. So when I see great poetry like this, I need to share it with our readers.

This work of art was written by Mike Rozanski of 3dphillysports.com. Take a read.

‘Twas the Week Before Dallas

‘Twas the week before Dallas, and all through the city,

Eagles fans were going crazy, for they had scored over fifty.

Players’ jerseys were hung in their lockers with care

As they hoped a division title soon would be theirs.

While all of the children open their gifts and their stockings,

Most fans will only wish for the playoffs to come knocking.

The Cowboys are awful and the Birds’ offense has clicked

Led by a back we call Shady and a QB named Nick.

After the Vikings loss, there arose some bad chatter,

But we blew out Chicago to put an end to that matter.

McCoy and DeSean look like they’re in their primes,

While the rest of team has heated up, just at the right time.

This is the best football in town since the Golden Years with The Belly,

And it’s only going to get better in the future with Chip Kelly.

Like Coach said, “We’re from Philadelphia and we fight”

Now time to buckle up as our Eagles take flight.

Now Shady! Now Jackson! Now Mathis and Kelce!

On Kendricks! On Cole! But, we need you all to stay healthy.

Run the ball! Score points! Drop Murray behind the line!

Do anything to get that ‘W’ on NBC in primetime.

The Eagles are rolling, and the players want to get rings,

Here starts the road to becoming the NFL’s kings.

Fly Eagles, Fly on the road to victory!

And Merry Christmas to all from us here at 3D.

All sarcasm aside, this was a pretty awesome poem.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @winlessforwiggins

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