Philadelphia Eagles Long-Snapper Jon Dorenbos Lied His Way Into A College Scholarship

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Derrick Rose infamously had another student take his high-school SAT’s for him, which allowed him to receive a high enough score to get a basketball scholarship to Memphis. At least Rose got his basketball scholarship for his basketball ability, though. Philadelphia Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos took his own SAT’s (as far as we know), but Dorenbos didn’t get a scholarship off his own ability.

Dorenbos admitted last weekend, that he actually used film of one of his teammates, to get a college scholarship.

“My high school coach, Coach Craven, told me I should snap. I messed around with it my Senior year. And I could do it…. but I definitely didn’t practice it or take it serious. It got the job done.

After high school I went to a Junior College. I played OLB and some fullback. We had a unbelievable long snapper whose name was Tim Thurman, a 6’6″ TE that could snap, really well.

I later added some of his snapping film to my highlighted tape and sent it to colleges. I ended up getting a full ride to University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP Miners) because of it. Being that the snapper wasn’t me on the tape, That’s when I started taking snapping serious.”

Not only did the story make local headlines, but ESPN’s Keith Olbermann listed him last night, as his nightly “World’s Worst Person In Sports”.


I think most college athletes would tell you that they created some of the stats on their high-school resumes, or at the very least, exaggerated some of them. This however, is the first time that I’ve heard of someone using another players film. I almost feel like the school is as much to blame, because they gave him a full-ride to college without ever having watched him play in an actual game.

Had Dorenbos not lied, he likely never would have gone past junior college as a football player, and if he did, it wouldn’t have been at the long-snapper position. That wouldn’t have led him to what so far has been a nearly ten-season career, in which he has spent  just-about seven seasons in Philadelphia.

It’s hard to teach kids not to lie, when you see stories like this.

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