DeSean Jackson Was Definitely Fighting With Jeff Maehl (And Michael Vick?) On The Sidelines Today

Update: Here is DeSean Jackson and Nick Foles discussing the situation after the game.

A lot was made over DeSean Jackson having to be pulled away from a group that featured Jeff Maehl , Michael Vick, and Riley Cooper, in the third quarter of today’s 48-30  loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

After watching this .GIF enough times, it appears that Cooper is trying to push Jackson away from Maehl, while Vick gets a word in.

It’s part of my job requirements to speculate, and therefore I’m going too. It is clear that DeSean Jackson was arguing with Jeff Maehl, but what does that really matter? Riley Cooper pushes DeSean Jackson away, and Michael Vick didn’t appear to be arguing with DeSean, but he certainly appeared to be making a point that either Jackson was wrong and/or, he should shut up. Afterwards, Vick and Cooper both look disgusted. Jason Avant also came over to end the verbal altercation, while a coach and LeSean McCoy pulled Jackson away from the argument.

What does all of this mean? Probably nothing. Even if my speculation is right, arguing with teammates is part of the game, whether fans and analysts want to realize that or not.

And even if my speculation on who was on who’s side is correct, Vick isn’t playing anymore, and Maehl has seen next to no time since Riley Cooper seized the Eagles number two receiver spot. Cooper can be disgusted with DeSean’s actions in that brief moment, but a big play from either of them (which DeSean had), will get the two back on good terms, in search of the common goal–winning the game.

The Eagles didn’t win the game, but they did cut the 15 point lead the Vikings had at the time of the dispute, to a five point deficit before the quarter ended. That surge was largely due to the Eagles passing attack. I wouldn’t expect much to come out of this, or for it to affect the Eagles in their last two regular season games. If Chip Kelly only runs the ball eight times the next two games, then maybe you should be worried.

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