Adrian Peterson's status against the Philadelphia Eagles, could change the complexion of this Sunday's Eagles-Vikings showdowns.

Reports Indicate Adrian Peterson May Play Against Philadelphia Eagles

Early week indications were that Minnesota Vikings star running-back Adrian Peterson was likely sit out this weekend’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles, with a foot injury. Still, ESPN’s Ben Goessling tweeted that we would know more about Peterson’s status against the Birds, once he was out of his boot, and able to test his foot by running.

Peterson practiced today, and while he is officially listed as questionable, it sounds like he is likely to play.

“I feel pretty confident,” Peterson told reporters. “I feel pretty good. I’m excited I feel the way I do, based off the injury and the time I’ve had to kind of rejuvenate that body and rehab the foot to get the strength back.”

Most humans don’t talk about being able to rejuvenate their body within five days of suffering a major injury. Then again, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier reminds us that Peterson isn’t really human.

“Like our medical people mentioned to me on Monday, he’s so different than everybody else when it comes to recovering from injuries,” Vikings coach Leslie Fraizer said after Friday’s practice. “We’ve been in situations in the past where you thought he wouldn’t make it and then he made it. It was always in the back of my mind there was a chance he’d make it. He’s amazing.”

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier didn’t sound quite as confident after watching how backup running-back Toby Gerhart performed in practice, as he looks to bounce back from a strained hamstring.

“We didn’t really burst with him,” Frazier said of Gerhart. “But everything he did stride-wise was good, did a good job cutting, did all the things you’d want to see with the exception of the burst. That will be the next step.”

Based off of those quotes, it sounds like Gerhart’s next step will likely come in practice next week, rather than against the Eagles this Sunday.

So at the beginning of the week, it sounded like Gerhart would likely be healthy enough to start, while the Vikings decided to progress Peterson along a bit slower. Two days before the Eagles play the Vikings, and the roles have flipped, as Peterson looks poised to start, while the Vikings continue to bring Gerhart along from his hamstring injury.

I’d like to say that it is unlikely that  an injured version of Peterson is very effective against a much-improved Eagles defense, but this is the same guy who came back early from a torn ACL, and managed to nearly break the NFL single-season rushing record, win the league MVP, and just about single-handedly take his team to the playoffs–so I’ll keep quiet.

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