Ruben Amaro on Domonic Brown Trade Rumors; "He's Really What Were Trying To Build Around"

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In the same interview that he called Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels trade rumors “silly”, Ruben Amaro also denied reports that the Phillies are “actively shopping” Domonic Brown. 

“He’s really what we’re trying to build around”

That certainly doesn’t sound like someone who is looking to trade Domonic Brown, but saying something like that could also be an attempt to raise Brown’s value. Speaking highly of him makes him sound like he is someone that the Phillies really value, and will need to be blown away to trade.

Brown did hit 27 homeruns  last season and drive in 83 runs last season, and that seems to be being lost in translation. I’m not anti-sabermetircs, but those numbers still tell me that he is a pretty damn good player, regardless of what other metrics suggest that he is just a decent player.

I do see the fact that he is a below-average outfielder, but in a lineup that has been pressed for runs over the last few seasons, that seems like a relatively mute point, given his production at the plate.

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