Dec 8, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) leaves the field with an apparent injury in the second quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Reports: Adrian Peterson Expects To Play Against Philadelphia Eagles

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After suffering what originally seemed to be a serious foot injury in the Minnesota Vikings week 14 thriller with the Baltimore Ravens, it appears that running-back Adrian Peterson was able to avoid a serious injury.

Peterson spoke about the injury after news broke that he original X-Rays showed that Peterson had a clean bill of health.

X-rays also showed no broken bones in his foot, and while a CT scan will show the injury in more detail, Peterson said “we’re just going through the protocol,” and added he expects to play Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

A catscan could show more, but that doesn’t seem likely. What does seem to be a possible, is that the now 3-9-1 Vikings,will decide to sit Adrian Peterson for precautionary reasons.

Vikings head coach Leslie Fraizer was non-committal about Peterson’s status this Sunday and made it sound like the Vikings will be very careful with Peterson, given the fact that they aren’t competing for the playoffs.

“You want to know exactly how severe the injury is, and it helps you make that kind of a decision. So as we learn more about the severity of it, or the lack of severity, then you can make a clear decision about this ballgame and future ballgames in this season.”

It will be hard to keep a competitor like Peterson out of any game, but ultimately the Vikings may decide not to try to push a running-back who has taken his fair amount of wear and tear in his nearly seven-year NFL career.

Chip Kelly spoke about the chance of Peterson not playing, saying that as good as Peterson is, backup Toby Gehart has proven to be very capable this season.


Kelly saw Gehart enough times in, at that time, Pac 10 battles, as Gehart went to Stanford.

What complicates the Vikings running-back situation even more, is that Gehart suffered a hamstring injury in Sunday’s game, and his availability for Sunday’s game is still unknown.

My guess is that Peterson won’t play, and Gehart will. The Eagles need to prepare as if Gehart will play, and at the very least, spend a little time preparing in case Peterson does give it a go. If neither go, then the Eagles will have a virtual bye-week with Matt Cassel likely playing quarterback and fullback getting a bulk of the rushes.

Either way, more timely injures seem to be falling in the Eagles favor.

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