Nick Foles Can Break Peyton Manning's Most TD's Without A Pick To Start The Season Record Next Week

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Nick Foles fabulous 2013 season, thus far, has caused some to lose perspective of Foles place among the pantheon of quarterbacks in the game today.  He isn’t Aaron Rodgers, he isn’t Tom Brady, and he definitely isn’t Peyton Manning. But after his three touchdown performance in today’s 24-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals, Foles has a chance to break one of Manning’s many NFL records.

Earlier this season, Peyton Manning began the season on a historically hot run, throwing 20 touchdowns before his threw his first interception of the season. In the process of his hot start, Manning broke former Cleveland Brown’s quarterback Milt Plum’s 53-year record for most touchdowns to begin a game. Plum threw 17 touchdowns before throwing an interception, and given how the NFL has changed rules to favor the passing game, he might still have the most impressive streak to begin the season.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the NFL has changed rules that now favor the passing game and make it easier for quarterbacks to rack up touchdowns. Given that, it seems strange that it took 53 years for Plum’s record to fall. It certainly doesn’t appear that it will take that long for Manning’s record to fall.

With his three touchdowns and zero interceptions today, Nick Foles became the second quarterback in 53 years to pass Plum’s record of most touchdowns without an interception to start the season, with both quarterbacks (Manning and Foles) doing it this season. Foles now sits at 19 touchdowns and zero interceptions in what has turned into an incredible season for him, and has a chance to tie Manning’s record by throwing one touchdown before throwing an interception next week. Foles can smash Manning’s record, and begin working on his own,  by throwing two touchdowns before throwing an interception next week.

Foles certainly has a good chance to throw a lazy pick next week, as he will be constantly pressure by Lions defensive tackles Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh, who serve as part of the best defensive lines in the NFL.

Foles is pretty lucky to be in this situation, which the other two quarterbacks mentioned in this article were in a sense as well. Foles twice avoided picks from Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson today, once  in the second when DeSean Jackson broke up an underthrow to the endzone, and the other time in the fourth quarter, when a defensive holding overturned what would have been Foles first interception of the season.

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