Howard Eskin Says Phillies Looking To Move Domonic Brown For Pitching

Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While he still hasn’t recovered from the complete bullshit rumor he fabricated about the Phillies looking to move Domonic Brown in a package to the Blue Jays for Jose Bautista earlier this month, Howard Eskin hasn’t stopped trying to pretend he is a baseball insider.


My question is, if Eskin had the knowledge that the Phillies were looking to move Brown for pitching, then why did it take a fan asking him for him to release it? Wouldn’t “a reporter” who was properly doing their job have tweeted that important news immediately once they had it confirmed by their sources? It just feels like Eskin was asked this question, and felt a need to give an interesting response, so he gave an answer that was vague. He doesn’t say what pitcher the Phillies are looking to trade Brown for, and he doesn’t even give the teams that the Phillies are discussing the deal with, he just says, “they are trying to move him for pitching”.

I take no stock into this tweet. Domonic Brown is going to be a Phillie in 2014, because they need his bat in the lineup. Whether he turns into the star that he showed signs of being capable of being last year, remains to be seen. But, I would bet my mortgage payment (I actually live with my parents, so this is easy) that Brown will be a Phillie in 2014.

And for the record Howard, the proper grammatical structured response would have been, “I’m told that the #phillies now try  are now trying to move Dom Brown for pitching.”  Using proper tenses is usually important in this business.

Credit to Philliedelphia for first reporting this.

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