After A Long Absence, The Eagles Will Wear Their Black Jerseys Sunday Against the Arizona Cardinals

The last time that the Philadelphia Eagles wore their alternate black jerseys, Donovan McNabb was still the Eagles franchise quarterback, Desean Jackson was in his second NFL season, and LeSean McCoy was just a rookie second-round pick, looking to get any carries that Brian Westbrook was too tired to take. Things have changed a tad since then, but for the first time since that 2009 game, the Eagles will wear their alternate black jerseys this Sunday, according to the team’s Instagram account.

This will also be the first time since the NFL switched from Reebok to Nike as the league’s official apparel provider in 2012, that the Eagles will wear the black jerseys.

I guess I have to put aside my hope that the Eagles will feature their Kelly green alternates sometime this season, and just accept that they will be wearing what is probably the nicest jersey out of the three that the currently have. And hey, at least they aren’t wearing the gold and blue throwbacks, right?


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