'Sound FX' Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly and Quarterback Nick Foles Vs Washington Redskins

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Sound FX is one of my favorite things that the NFL puts together, because it gives you an inside look at how NFL coaches and players react during the ups and downs of a game. That’s neat to see for any team, player, and coaching staff. This year’s Philadelphia Eagles edition, is just a tad bit cooler.

For a long time many football wondered what it is like to be inside the headset of Chip Kelly while he is calling his fast-paced offense, or the helmet of a quarterback who has to try to keep the pace of an offense while Kelly’s system takes effect. Sound FX, which you can watch here, cannot be embedded on our site because the NFL doesn’t allow their videos to be embedded, but it is certainly something you want to watch, because it gives you a look from both of those perspectives.

Another reason I love this Sound FX is because of how the game transpired, we get to see a look at how Chip Kelly reacts when the Eagles are in a flow, or when they are seemingly giving the game away. It’s nice after almost 15 years of emotionless Andy Reid, to see Kelly show some emotion.

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