LeSean McCoy Back Out To Start Second Half After Suffering Hamstring Injury


Update 2:46 EST:  McCoy is back out to start the second half, and told Erin Andrews that he just has a tight hamstring and is good to go. Chip Kelly echoed the same sentiments. Crisis avoided.

Original article

For a brief period this afternoon, everything was going right. The Eagles were up 14-0 against the Washington Redskins, and appeared on there way to 21-0 lead. And then our worst nightmare became a reality.

On a second quarter play that LeSean McCoy got the ball on the read option and appeared to be destined to lose yards, McCoy cut on a dime numerous times and turned a potential loss into a nine-yard gain. Shady fell over at the end of the play, and ripped his helmet off after the play, and was seen lipping my hammy, before he walked off the field.

According to Erin Andrews of Fox Sports, the Eagles are saying that McCoy is back at the locker room with a right hamstring injury, but they won’t give any more specifics than that.

Prior to leaving, McCoy had rushed for 37 yards on seven carries, and also had a 49 yard reception. Needless to say, the Eagles need McCoy in the fold if they are going to be able to make a playoff run.

Stay tuned…

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