Winless For..... LeBron James Jr.?

The idea of LeBron James opting out of his contract at the end of this season and taking his talents to South Broad Street may be a little far-fetched. And if the Sixers keep pulling out miracle (what else do you want me to call it?) wins against teams like the Rockets, then Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Julius Randle may end up being drafted before the Sixers get to make their pick.

So where do the Sixers turn to find a superstar at that point? Well it might take a while, but if his father is too be believed, LeBron James Jr. will be worth the wait.

LeBron had this to say, on his nine year-old son’s performance.

Bronny went for 25-8-8 tonight. He getting better and better. Couple euro steps looking like @dwyanewadeand what I like most is his unselfishness #HeGotNext#StriveForGreatness

Somehow I am finding it hard to believe that there were eight assists to be found in a nine year-old’s basketball game, or that any nine year-old on the planet could be involved with 41 points in one game. But I guess I wasn’t playing in a league with an all-time great NBA star’s son when I as nine, so what do I know?

LeBron Jr. is eligible for the 2024 NBA Draft, for anyone wondering. LeBron Sr. will be 39 at that time, which is a little hard to believe considering it feels like yesterday where LeBron was on ESPN as a member of the St. Vincent-St. Mary’s Fighting Irish.

But yeah, LeBron Jr has game. And if #winlessforwiggins doesn’t pan out, I am ready to start the movement for #winlessforprincejames.

Editors Note: Tim Kelly owns the exclusive branding rights to #winlessforprincejames.

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