How Would Trading Domonic Brown For Jose Bautista Make Sense For The Phillies?


Yesterday the Phillies signed 36 year-old Marlon Byrd, and reports surfaced that the Phillies are going to pursue soon-to-be 37 year-old A.J. Pierzynski, if there soon-to-be 35 year-old catcher Carlos Ruiz, left via free-agency. Then late last night, Howard Eskin reported that the Phillies were in “serious talks” with the Toronto Blue Jays about trading their 26 year-old All-Star leftfielder, Domonic Brown, for the Blue Jays 33 year-old All-Star left-fielder, Jose Bautista.

I refused to aknowledge the article last night, because I don’t trust Howard Eskin. And sure enough, my gut proved to be right.


I could taste the disgust in that tweet from Heyman. As much as some people aren’t fans of Heyman (I’m not one of those people), they are willing to put aside their disdain for Heyman, because no one in this town, or any town for that matter, likes or respects Eskin.

Of course, Eskin fired back.


Look is it possible that the Phillies would try to trade Domonic Brown, and say Darin Ruf, to the Blue Jays? Sure, it is, and judging by the tweet from Heyman, the Blue Jays would be the team no interested in that deal. I really don’t know why the one team who failed to compete in the AL East last season wouldn’t be willing to take two young sluggers for a 33 year-old with declining health. But thank God, Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos isn’t interested in the deal, because Ruben Amaro doesn’t appear to have the common sense to realize that the deal would hurt the team.

I don’t even mean this to sound sarcastic, but it feels like Ruben Amaro sees someone cheap, young, and productive in Brown and feels like he has to move him for a more expensive player, on the wrong side of 30.

Brown has his flaws, without a doubt. He isn’t a good fielder at all, and had some trouble staying healthy down the stretch last season. But it isn’t like Bautista doesn’t have his flaws either.

I’m not denying that when healthy Bautista may be the best pure power-hitter in the game, but over the last two seasons, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Over the past two years the Toronto Blue  Jays have played 324 games. Bautista has played in only 210 games, meaning he has missed 114 games over the past two seasons. And he has missed those games with hip and wrist injuries, both of which are pretty crucia injuries l a power hitter.

In addition to his injury problems Bautista is making 14 million dollars a year. Based off of how he produces, that is a discount, but considering Domonic Brown hasn’t even reached arbitration and Bautista has shows signs of being injury prone, you have to wonder if bringing him in would be a smart move. The Phillies already have Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, making a combined 32 million next season, with a ton of injury concerns. Do we want to add another expensive player with a DL risk to the team?

Had the Phillies been a team that was one piece away from a title last year, or just needed a slight upgrade to win another World Series this year, then this might make sense. They weren’t and while Domonic Brown might not be a better player than Jose Bautista, he makes more sense for the Phillies because he is a player who hasn’t even hit his prime yet and is cheaper. Ruben Amaro needs to pull his head of out his you know what, and build around a guy like Domonic Brown, not continue to build around the mid 2000’s core of Rollins, Utley, and Howard, that is injury prone and well past their primes.

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