Philly Phlashback: Andre Iguodala Hits Two Biggest Freethrows Of Career To End Bulls Season

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


Lets set aside the Sixers 3-0 start for a moment to take a look at one of the greatest moments in Philadelphia sports history in the latest installment of our Philly Phlashback series. 

It didn’t matter how the Sixers had gotten to a 3-2 lead with a chance to upend the number one seeded Bulls. It didn’t matter that Derrick Rose was gone after tearing his ACL in game one and that the rest of the country viewed that as the only reason that the Sixers even had a chance in the series. It didn’t matter the love/hate relationship many of us, myself included, had with Andre Iguodala and his disastrous contract. And it didn’t even matter that Iggy only shot 62 percent from the line during the regular season. All that mattered was he made the next two in front of him.

Indeed, after driving coast to coast after rebounding Omar Asik’s missed free-throw’s Andre Iguodala would go on to be fouled, and hit the next two free throws, to give the Sixers their first playoff series win since 2003.

For that night we forgot not that we hated Andre Iguodala, because it was never like that, but just our indifference to him and disdain for his contract, as he gave us the first Sixers playoff series win in nearly ten years, in what turned out to be his final season in a Sixers uniform.

So tonight when Iggy returns to the Wells Fargo Center for the first time as a member of the Golden State Warriors, the second time overall, let’s remember this moment and give him a standing ovation when his name is introduced.

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