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Philadelphia 76ers Jump From 30 to 1 In Yahoo NBA Power Rankings

There may be a point in the 2013-14 NBA season where we can all sit back and laugh and say, “remember when the Sixers were 3-0?” Indeed, the Sixers might come back to Earth at some point in the 2013-14 season after their odd-defying 3-0 start, but for the time being, this is pretty damn fun.

The latest unbelievable part of this magical start to the season, came this morning when Yahoo! Sports released their weekly NBA power rankings. The Sixers, who just a week ago were seeded at thirty and considered the prohibited worst team in the NBA, had jumped to the top spot after impressive wins over the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, and Chicago Bulls.

After entering the season with what was considered the league’s weakest roster, the Sixers and rookie Michael Carter-Williamsbeat reigning champion Miami, Washington (on the road) and Chicago. Reality could hit soon, but, for now, the Sixers can enjoy the top spot.

Like the short blurb says, the Sixers very well could (and most likely will) come crashing back to Earth. But I have a tough time agreeing with comments like this one.

A Power Ranking that moves ANY team from 30 to # 1 is a joke and should not be read for the remainder of the year.

So far the Sixers have been the best team in the NBA. It isn’t like they have beaten bad teams either. The Miami Heat are the two-time defending NBA champions, and even though Dwyane Wade didn’t play, they still had LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and a team with double the talent and experience of the Sixers roster. The Wizards aren’t a very good team, but John Wall alone should have been able to outplay Michael Carter-Williams and get the Wizards a win and he didn’t. And there isn’t much of an excuse for the Bulls, because Derrick Rose and the whole team played, and they allowed the Sixers to climb out of a 20 point deficit.

I’m not stupid enough to think that the Sixers are a better team than the Bulls or Heat, or maybe even the Wizards, but for time being, they have been pretty impressive and fun to watch. If this is all we get from the 2013-14 Sixers, than at least we can say that we got more than we expected.

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