Former Braves Pitching Coach Leo Mazzone Tweets That He Is Interested In Becoming Phillies Pitching Coach

The Phillies pitching coach search is beginning to feel eerily similar to the Eagles defensive coordinator search of 2011 that ended up with Andy Reid moving offensive line coach Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator. We all know how well that worked out.

And then this morning, the baseball God’s gave us a gift.


For anyone who doesn’t remember Mazzone, let me refresh you. Mazzone was Bobby Cox’s right-hand man in Atlanta, serving as the Atlanta Braves pitching coach from 1990-2005. 1990-2005 might have been the greatest run for any one team in terms of pitching and Mazzone had much to do with that because not only did the Braves have success with Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddux, but also guys like Steve Avery, Denny Neagle, Kevin Millwood,Jaret Wright, and Russ Ortiz. None of last five even sniffed the success that they had in Atlanta once they left the Braves.

Mazzone has been out of the MLB since 2007 when the Baltimore Orioles fired him as their pitching coach and is 66 years-old, but why not bring him in? I understand that the trend is to go young with coaches right now, but I think if Ryne Sandberg or Ruben Amaro had anyone in mind that was young, they would have already hired them. Mazzone might be the greatest pitching coach in MLB history, and seeing if he can still coach at a high level is worth the slight risk that he can’t.


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