October 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) runs away from Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Justin Durant (52) during first quarter action at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles Should Start At Quarterback For The Eagles For The Rest Of 2013

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I consider myself a Michael Vick fan, but above all else I am an Eagles fan and I want to see this team turn it around long-term. So when news broke this afternoon that with Michael Vick out, Nick Foles had done enough for Chip Kelly to name him the starter for the Eagles week nine showdown against the Oakland Raiders, after missing last week with a concussion, I wasn’t worried about the Eagles playoff chances, I was excited about their future.

Chip Kelly seemed to share in the optimism, or at least he was happy that with Vick out, he had Foles to fall back on instead of Matt Barkley.

“Nick did really well,” Kelly said. “I know he was cleared, but we needed to see him. I was really happy with how Nick practiced yesterday.

“One of the good things about practicing on Tuesday is you can get your eyes on people who have been out. Nick did a really good job and Nick will be our starting quarterback this week.”

Vick is out, and not that I wish for people to be injured, but I will still continue my campaign that Foles being the starter for the Eagles makes the most sense. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Foles puts the Eagles in a better position to win right now, but let’s be real it doesn’t matter how bad the NFC East is, the Eagles aren’t a playoff team.

If you begin to look at things from that angle, I don’t know how you could think starting a 33 year-old quarterback in the last year of his contract, really benefits the Eagles. Foles on the other hand, is only 24 years-old. If he can prove that his poor performance against the Cowboys was a fluke and he plays solid the rest of the season, then maybe the Eagles have their quarterback going forward. If not, then the Eagles move on from both Foles and Vick at the end of the season and select their franchise quarterback in the draft, which they will likely have a higher pick in if Foles struggles.

So to me starting Foles is a win-win situation. Either he proves he can be a starter, or it blows up on you and you get a high draft pick. I don’t really see much of an in between for Foles. Vick, on the other hand could lead the Eagles to a 7-9 or 8-8 record and miss the playoffs, but take the Eagles from having a top ten pick to a middle-round pick in the draft. And if he is gone, and you don’t have a high draft pick, then what is your potential in the draft to find a quarterback who can do any better than Nick Foles?

I opened this article by saying that I am a Vick fan, which I wasn’t just saying for the sake of credibility. I think Michael Vick is one of the most exciting players I have ever watched in the NFL, but I see his weaknesses too. And I live in reality and  know that the Eagles DO NOT have a playoff roster. So at this point starting Vick just seems counterproductive to me.

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